We at Central High School want to ensure that our students receive a comprehensive education based on 21st century learning expectations while also adhering to our mission and core values.

All graduates of Central High School should have mastered our school’s 21st Century Learning Expectations. Rubrics are used to measure student progress in three areas: Communication (Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, Projects and Performances), Problem Solving and Social/Civic Expectations. Report cards will continue to show a score of one to four for each of the three expectations in each class in which a student is enrolled (1 = Beginning; 2 = Developing; 3 = Proficient; 4 = Exemplary; 5 = N/A [not applicable to that course]). These will appear in the comment section of the report card and do not affect a course grade.

We recognize you as partner in our students’ education and welcome your questions and comments regarding our 21st Century Learning Expectations.

With Central PRIDE,

Deb Roukey, Principal

Communication, Problem Solving, and Social and Civic Engagement Rubrics

21st Century Learning Expectations