NH Scholars

How Do I Become a New Hampshire Scholar?

New Hampshire Scholars encourages all students to complete a rigorous course of study that prepares them for successful transition to college coursework or technical training necessary to enter today's competitive job market.

New Hampshire Scholars must successfully complete:

4 years of English

4 years of Math

3 years lab-based Sciences (includes Biology)

3.5 years of Social Studies/Social Sciences

2 years of a Foreign Language (not required for students who are non-native English speakers)

Central High School also requires that you have at least a 2.5 CGPA (cumulative grade point average).

This national program provides:

-- recognition via letters of recommendation for colleges or letters of reference for jobs

-- selective college application fee waivers

-- a permanent seal for your diploma

-- a NH Scholars medal to proudly wear at graduation

For more information regarding the New Hampshire Scholars program, visit www.nhscholars.org or see your guidance counselor.