School Counseling Department Administrative Assistant:

Karen Beaulieu EXT 1111 -

Fax 603-932-1330

You can find contact information for your counselor below. If you would like to make an appointment with your counselor, use the link available on their personal page which can be found by clicking their name.

Students are assigned alphabetically to counselors as follows:

Last Names: A - Cor: Bill Cannon, School Counseling Director EXT 1113

Student Appointment for Mr. Cannon

Last Names: A-Z: Student Services Kendra Robert EXT 1112

Student Appointment for Mrs. Robert

Last Names: Cos - Ed: Michael Wenners EXT 1129

Student Appointments for Mr. Wenners - please email

Last Names: Ee - Mah: Rachel Hedge EXT 1130

Student Appointments for Ms. Hedge

Last Names: Mai - Q: Jessica Zych EXT 1115

Student Appointments for Mrs. Zych

Last Names: R - Z: Roseann Lariviere EXT 1114

Student Appointments for Mrs. Lariviere

Student Assistance Program: Catherine Kabala EXT 1117

School Social Worker - McKinney-Vento: Amy Pellegrini EXT 1144

School Social Worker - EL population: Amadou Hamady EXT 3112