Guidance Department Administrative Assistant:

Brenda Davidson EXT 1111 -

fax 603-932-1330

Students are assigned alphabetically to counselors as follows:

Last Names: A - Dav: Bill Cannon, Guidance Director EXT 1113

Appointments for Mr. Cannon

Last Names: A-Z: Student Services Kendra Robert EXT 1112

Appointments for Mrs. Robert

Last Names: Daw - Garc: Michael Wenners EXT 1129

Send an email to Mr. Wenners for appointment

Last Names: Gard - Lom: Rachel Hedge EXT 1117

Appointments for Ms. Hedge

Last Names: Lon - Reb: Jessica Zych EXT 1115

Appointments for Mrs. Zych

Last Names: Rec - Z: Roseann Lariviere EXT 1114

Appointments for Mrs. Lariviere

Student Assistance Program: Hannah Finnigan

Appointments for Ms. Finnigan