College and Career Preparation

Central CEEB/ACT code: 300355

Current students: to request transcripts you must fill out a blue transcript form in guidance. If you need your transcript sent anywhere, commonapp, NCAA, any scholarships, this form must be filled out. If you would like your transcript sent in the mail, you must bring an addressed and stamped envelope

Planning your high school career: When deciding what classes to take, you should consider what the admissions requirements are for some of the schools you would like to attend. An example of admissions requirements for UNH can be found here: Keep in mind, those are the minimum requirements, and it is often recommended to go beyond the minimum, particularly in math and science.

A thorough college preparation guide can be found on Fair Opportunity Project

Useful links for juniors and seniors:

To register for the SAT, or to find out when and where it is being offered, go here:

Students can practice for the SAT on Khan Academy

For information about the ACT go here:

For a list of colleges and universities that do not require SAT or ACT, go here:

There are some great resources for searching for colleges on the internet. Here are a few good ones to get you started: Princeton Review has many good resources for finding the right college for you. You can find out how schools rank with the US News and World Report Best Colleges.

For information about New England Regional Tuition Break programs, go here:

March 2 Success Free ASVAB (military) preparation

Scholarship resources:

For students interested in attending a community college in NH with the goal of transferring to a 4 year university information can be found on the NH Transfer website

For information about many of the private colleges and universities in New York:

Career Surveys and Information:

Applying to College

For upcoming college fairs:

Some college admission deadlines:

Many colleges use the common app, which can be found here:

Transcripts must be requested in using the request form which can be found in the counseling office.

Transcripts can also be requested through

Financial Aid

Apply for financial aid through Typically you can start this application after January 1st.

For information and help with the financial aid process, go to


Athletes who plan on playing in college, be sure to register with the NCAA

To see the approved courses for Central, click here. Enter our school code, which is 300355

For students living in out of home situations

The University System of NH and The Community College System of NH will provide tuition waivers to eligible student. For more information go to: