Trash on the Lawn Day

Post date: Nov 21, 2013 5:42:44 PM

Central High School Held School-wide Waste Sort on America Recycles Day

Sponsored by NH the Beautiful and Northeast Resource Recovery Association

EPSOM NH: On Friday November 15, 2013, otherwise known as America Recycles Day, Central High School Key Club members decided to sort their trash. This “Trash on the Lawn Day” (TOLD) is a thought-provoking service-learning project that assesses a school’s waste management issues and opportunities for improvement, while fostering student leadership. Students sorted trash from classrooms and the cafeteria. As they sorted, they gathered weights and data on how much could have been recycled thereby diverting it from landfills and saving the school money. The students sorted 231lbs of the over 7,000lbs produced (on average) every day at Central and found that 80% could have been recycled or composted. The school, the city, the NRRA School CLUB and the school district will work with this information to improve the current program and look at new initiatives, like composting, when they become available for urban schools. This tool for positive change examines waste management practices, purchasing policies, hauling agreements and diversion opportunities.

For more information, see this article from the Union Leader: