Students Travel to NYC to "Get on the Bus" for Human Rights and Arts

Post date: Apr 13, 2017 5:46:03 PM

The Central High School Amnesty Club traveled to New York City on Friday, April 7, departing at 5 AM on a coach bus generously supported by Central Pride Foundation. The day began with speaker panels at Cooper Union 7 East 7th Street. The event focused on five issues: 1) Honduras: Justice for Berta Caceres - a Honduran environmental activist who was murdered 2) Sri Lanka: Justice for Ragihar Manoharan and the Trinco Five 3) Sudan: Ending the use of Chemical weapons in Darfur and the protection of civilians 4) Tibet/China: Release Tibetan writer and Blogger Shokjang Uighur and other prisoners of conscience held by the Chinese government 5) USA: Protest the administrations Muslim Ban and Wall between US and Mexico. After the speaker panel the group walked to the United Nations Plaza, Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, The Permanent Mission of Sudan, and the Permanent Mission of the peoples Republic of China. Protests were held and all involved were accompanied by the NYC police department.

Additionally, the National Art Honor Society also traveled to New York to study and appreciate the great works available to them in New York City. Pictured below is the group on the edge of Central Park outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art.