Foreign Language Classes Take Interdisciplinary Approach, Bring Culture to Life

Post date: Mar 10, 2017 2:36:37 PM

Students in Spanish classes researched the culture of Latin American countries as a class assignment. They then presented their findings to their classmates and informed them about major cities, animals that inhabit the area, important historical figures and influence people, major products in production, and other important features of the country they researched. Taking an inter-disciplinary approach to their learning, the students also created these visually stunning masks which incorporated the colors of the nation's flag upon which their project was based.

French 3 classes create gorgeous research projects about the different regions of France. Students wrote their projects and presented them all in French and tried to convince their classmates that their region was worth visiting. The projects were then put onto a bulletin board display with a giant map of France to put it all in perspective.

Spanish class masks

French class research projects