Nora Jaber Selected to Deliver Speech at NAACP Community Forum

Post date: Mar 11, 2016 3:15:02 PM

On Friday, February 19th, Manchester's chapter of the NAACP hosted a community forum at Manchester's campus of Springfield College. This forum's topic was entitled "Then and Now 1965 vs. 2016. Have Things Changed?" At this event several figures involved in Manchester's NAACP chapter and other community members, such as Manchester's police chief, Nick Willard, spoke of racism during the Civil Rights Movement and compared it to racism in today's society. Panelists spanning generations were invited to speak about racism in the time they grew up (then) or are growing up (now). Among these panelists was Nora Jaber, a Central senior and one of the student speaker's at Central's recent Martin Luther King Jr. assembly. She was invited to deliver her speech at this event. Her speech focused on the extent to which MLK's "dream" has been satisfied. She also talked about her personal experiences growing up as a minority in New Hampshire. Nora was an exceptional representative of Central pride and the diversity that is an essential aspect of it.

Nora Jaber