Dominique Olibrice Wins International Writing Contest

Post date: Dec 16, 2016 3:19:51 PM

Mt. Shasta, CA – Unified Caring Association is delighted to announce the ten winners of their 2016 Caring Contest, an international writing contest. UCA invited high school juniors and seniors from around the world to submit written essays describing their concept of caring. The top ten writers were awarded a prize of $333 each today. Dominique Olibrice of Manchester Central High School was among the winners!

In her essay, Dominique shared some notable insights including the following quote, "Caring is all of the best best qualities held within human beings that allow us to make a resonating difference."

In addition to the prize money, her writing will be featured on the Unified Caring website and social media channels as a way to inspire others to act in caring ways.

President of Unified Caring, Kirk Danilson said, “The wisdom that these youth shared in their essays far surpassed our expectations. We were also so grateful that the award money could be distributed around the country and to a multitude of socio-economic backgrounds."

Congratulations to Dominique Olibirice! You make us proud!

Dominique Olibrice