Central Students Win NH Scholastic Art Awards

Post date: Jan 20, 2016 3:20:37 PM

A number of Central students were recognized for their outstanding artwork at the NH Scholastic Art Awards. Congratulations to all of the students and teachers for their work.

Gold Key Winners in Individual Submissions:

Anne Dilulio, “Switching Gears”, Ceramics/Glass, J. Borge, teacher

Senada Kustura, “Blurry Rain”, Painting, L. Wike, teacher

Paige Huntress, “Orange”, Drawing/Illustration, C.Doherty, teacher

Kayli Neil, “Purple Horns”, Painting, C.Doherty, teacher

Kasey Minakin, “Wrapped in Time”, Drawing/Illustration, C.Doherty, teacher

Heaven Jimenez, “Roots”, Drawing/Illustration, C.Doherty, teacher

Kayla Provencher, “Wrapped in Plaid”, Drawing/Illustration, C.Doherty, teacher

Silver Key Winners in Individual Submissions:

Julia Fair, “Emergence”, Sculpture, J.Borge, teacher

Julia Fair, “Defeated Reflection”, Sculpture. J.Borge teacher

Senada Kustura, “Peony”, Painting, C.Doherty, teacher

Senada Kustura, “Warped Building” Drawing/Illustration, C.Doherty, teacher

Bonnie Heslin, “The Docks”, Drawing/Illustration, C.Doherty, teacher

Kayli Neil, “Brass in Blues”, Painting, C.Doherty, teacher

Honorable Mention Winners in Individual Submissions:

Bridget Hurley, “Concussed”, Painting, C.Doherty, teacher

Bridget Hurley, “Haunted Grasp”, Drawing/Illustration, C.Doherty, teacher

Bridget Hurley, “Foliage Reflecting Pool”, Photography, C.Doherty, teacher

Portfolio Winners:

Portfolios are eight strong pieces submitted digitally to represent each student.

Heaven Jimenez – Gold Key Portfolio

Bridget Hurley – Silver Key Portfolio

Kayli Neil - Silver Key Portfolio

Senada Kustura – Honorable Mention Portfolio

Bridget Hurley – Honorable Mention Portfolio

Paige Huntress – Honorable Mention Portfolio

Bonnie Heslin – Honorable Mention Portfolio

The Dock by Bonnie Heslin
Blurry Rain by Senada Kustura
Purple Horns by Kaleigh Neil
Orange You Glad by Paige Huntress

Bonnie Heslin, "The Docks" Senada Kustura, "Blurry Rain" Kayli Neil, "Purple Horns" Paige Huntress, "Orange"

Roots by Heaven Jimenez

Heaven Jimenez, "Roots"