Central High School


Art Students Create New Crossroads Mural

Sophomore art students (L-R: Emma Blaisdell, Mia Hall, Bozena Hrynyk, Lydia Mann not pictured: Sylive Bangasimbo) proudly display the beginnings of a new mural in the crossroads. This new art project will be ongoing and will display the flags that represent the nations from which our students hail all across the world. The mural will continue to grow and be updated as needed to be wholly inclusive of our students' backgrounds.

Photo from linked NHPR article/Sarah Gibson

Senior Kellan Barbee is highlighted by NHPR and the Union Leader for his role in changing the Manchester School District dress code as a student representative on the School Board. This is the first ever student-led policy to be approved by the board. Great work, Kellan! Click here to read the newly approved policy.

Hail Alma Mater virtual choir - 4_2_20, 12.48 PM.mp3

Here is a digitally mixed version of our school song "Hail Alma Mater"

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