Meeting Minutes October 2017

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C.H.A.M.P.S Meeting Notes

October 11, 2017

Greg Powers, President
Kelly Mohs, Treasurer
Paula Kew, Secretary
Ed Sterling, Music Dept. Staff
Lisa Walker
John Bisson
Caroline Gleason
Susan Joyal

Secretary’s Minutes:
Greg Powers requested motion to accept September’s meeting minutes. Motion
approved by Lisa Walker and seconded by Caroline Gleason.

Treasurer’s Report:
We had $16,545.00 in our checking account, minus $197.94 spent on the Band Camp
BBQ. Budgeted money for this event was $250, which leaves an additional $52.06.

The approved budget for new chorus dresses is $1,500. The total cost of the dresses
is $1,479, but order is still pending.

Savings account - $6,876.05 of which $2,196.94 is unencumbered.
Cash bank - $300

Greg Powers requested motion to accept this report. Motion approved by Susan
Joyal and seconded by Caroline Gleason.

Music Staff Report:
Mr. Sterling happily reported that the soundproofing is done and that the project
has made a dramatic change and proves to be helpful.

Some grant money was left over from the project and he would like to use that
money to buy materials for other rooms (Jazz Band room and practice rooms) to be
soundproofed. Greg Powers will contact Mr. Vaccarezza to request that these other
rooms be done.

Mr. Sterling also shared his concern that the sound curtain hooks are too light and
that he would like to look into something that is more heavy duty.

Many “Senior Squares” painted by the Music Dept. graduates were covered with
soundproofing material. Mr. Sterling told that those paintings affected were

Mr. Sterling shared that in November’s upcoming play, “She Kills Monsters,” the trap
door on stage will be used again, finally after 60 years.

The elementary school tour that happened this fall was a tremendous success. Mr.
Sterling received positive feedback. The band students were quite busy that day
having toured at 4 elementary schools, then participating at the school’s pep rally
and playing at the football game at night.

Mr. Sterling is hoping for a Music Dept. trip for the Seniors to Boston this school

Important Dates mentioned:
- 10/14 String Festival
- 10/24 Fall Concert – Choir, Jazz Band and Orchestra
- 10/20 Football game/Senior night – parents to arrive at least 15 minutes
early to line up with students
- 10/21 Jazz All-State auditions
- 10/27 Halloween game – Costumes for band members required
- 10/31 – Halloween party - 5:00-7:00
- 11/11 – Veteran’s Day parade
- 11/18 – Classical All-State auditions at Memorial HS

Fundraising Committee:
CHAMPS is considering holding a Savers Clothing Drive. A date and a location would
be chosen to donate gently used clothing and shoes. A percentage of money would
go to the Music Department determined by how many pounds were delivered to

A night for parents to get together was discussed. The date of the event may be
some time in mid February. Lisa Walker volunteered to chair this event.

Old Business:
Mr. Sterling voiced again, his concern regarding the lack of school district funding
for the Music Department for things such as instrument purchase and repair, new
uniforms, sheet music, etc. CHAMPS members will continue to discuss ideas of how to
raise awareness and advocacy district-wide to try to help improve this situation. A
committee is in the process of being formed to try to be proactive and help. An
important point was made that Manchester’s music students are involved in many
city events, including marching in parades and performing at special ceremonies. John
Bisson and Lisa Walker plan on working on this committee and meeting in the near
future with Mr. Sterling to discuss more.

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Greg Powers and was seconded by
Susan Joyal. Motion was granted.
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May 8, 2018, 7:52 AM