Meeting Minutes November 2017

posted May 8, 2018, 7:56 AM by Central Webmaster
C.H.A.M.P.S Meeting Notes
November 9, 2017
Greg Powers, President
Moira Philbrook, Vice President
Paula Kew, Secretary
Tom Seniow, Music Dept. Staff
Stephanie Flanders
Caroline Glennon
Susan Joyal
Kevin Phelan
Leslie Want

Secretary’s Minutes:
Last month’s minutes will be amended. There will be a correction made
regarding the stated balance of the checking account, as well as the spelling
of a member’s name. Leslie Want motioned to amend the minutes, as well as
move the Treasurer’s Report, under the condition of said changes. Caroline
Glennon seconded the motion.

Treasurer’s Report:
Checking account balance of Oct. 31, 2017 - $14,895.32
Expenses incurred include:
-Annual State Filing Fee $75 -NH State Certificate of Good Standing $30
-Miscellaneous operating expenses $300 -Band Camp BBQ $250

Music Staff Report:
Mr. Seniow shared that the Veteran’s ceremony was successful. There was a
special sing along at the end.

The girls in chorus are excited for the dresses that have been ordered.

Mr. Seniow answered some questions about the upcoming Veteran’s Day
parade. He reported that the building principals make the decision regarding
students marching. Typically, the students don’t march if the temperature is
below 32 degrees.
Important Dates:
- 11/11 - Veteran’s Day parade
- 11/18 – Classical All-State auditions at Memorial HS
- 12/19 – Orchestra and Chorus concert
- 12/21 – Band and Jazz Band concert

Fundraising Committee:
Charitable Gaming casino application is in progress. CHAMPS benefits from
the proceeds the last five days of the year.

Susan Joyal has been gathering information regarding the Savers fundraising
opportunity. $75 may need to be spent on a U-Haul truck to transport
“gently used” donations to Savers. Greg will set up a date for this
fundraising event. More information will be on the way.

It was decided to continue asking students to sell ad books for the concert
programs. Last year students raised $1,532 in which CHAMPS made $648.
Ads will be sold for the upcoming December concerts. 225 ad books will be

New Business:
John Bisson and Lisa Walker will be recruiting members to join the Arts
Advocacy Committee. This group will continue to discuss ideas of how to raise
awareness for the necessary funding for music students, district wide. Mr.
Seniow’s recommendation was to be specific about students’ needs. An
example was to decide on whether the priority is for new instruments and/or
repair or new uniforms. It was suggested that an instrument inventory be
taken, and to find out how old the band marching uniforms are and the
condition. Reaching out to the School Board, Mayor and Alderman has been
discussed, as well as contacting the Union Leader.

Moira Philbrook is looking into having T-shirts made for Music Dept. students.
She will seek help from some students to create a design for the shirts,
which will be sold as a fundraiser.

Old Business:
A date needs to be set to present John from Piccola Italia with his gift
(concert group photos of Band, Chorus and Orchestra). We’d like to thank
him for his generosity over the years for letting us have a fundraising event
at his restaurant. We won’t be having the CHAMPS annual dinner event
there this year, as his children are not at Central now. An alternative event
is being considered at this time.
Central Webmaster,
May 8, 2018, 7:56 AM