Meeting Minutes January 2018

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January 11, 2018
Greg Powers, President
Moira Philbrook, Vice President
Paula Kew, Secretary
Colleen Barbarita, Treasurer (newly elected)
Mr. Kurt Villiard, Music Dept. Staff
Mr. Ed Sterling, Music Dept. Staff
Caroline Glennon
Amy Roell

Secretary’s Minutes:
Caroline motioned to accept and move the minutes and Amy seconded the motion.

Treasurer’s Report:
Not available at this time

Music Staff Report:
Upcoming Events-
Jan. 13th-NHMEA Chamber Music Festival at 5PM, Timberlane
Jan. 16th-Mattress Sale Meeting at 7PM
Jan. 27th-Music Dept. Semi-Formal
Feb. 3rd-Mattress Sale
Mar. 6th-Tri-M concert

Mr. Villiard shared that Mr. Vigneau and Mr. Doyle would like Music Dept. members, including
the Music Advocacy Group, to be aware of the bill that recently passed regarding state level
vouchers for school choice. Approximately $400,000 would come from the Manchester budget
each year to cover the voucher program. The Music Dept. staff hopes that the advocacy group
will work to put pressure on the school board, so that the Music Dept. will not face cuts, as it
is already underfunded.

Mr. Villiard informed the group that band and orchestra will be switching their concert dates in
March. Orchestra will perform March 13th and band March 14th.

-CHAMPS profited $3,534 from our participation in the Charitable Gaming program (last five
days of the year). Last year we made about $3,900. An application must be filled out each
year to keep our spot in this program. Also, each of the five days of our participation, a
member must drive to the Belmont casino to sign paperwork for the money each day. Greg
Powers has been committed to doing that for CHAMPS for a while now. CHAMPS appreciates
Greg’s time and travel in doing so. Some suggestions were made to look into other businesses
that are closer (Jokers, Boston Billiards), who are offering the same fundraising opportunity.

-CHAMPS is still interested in taking advantage of the Savers fundraising opportunity. Savers
will take just about anything “gently used” from clothing, sheets, appliances, toys and crafts.
If donations exceed a certain amount, we would be eligible to earn a $75 voucher towards
delivery to the store.

-Moira shared information about selling “I’m With The Band!” t-shirts. Many members agreed
that for a design it would be nice to have the Central logo on the front and the message “I’m
With The Band!” on the back. It was also discussed that there could also be a generic shirt
with a message tha says “I’m With The Music Department!” for Chorus and Orchestra students.
Paula suggested that the t-shirts be sold at future concerts. Mr. Sterling thought that they
could be a big sell at the step-up concerts for the middle school students too.

-Colleen shared that we think about how to advertise our city’s need for donations of
instruments to the schools.

New Business:
-Kelly Mohs recently stepped down from her position as Treasurer. Colleen Barbarita agreed to
take on the position and was voted in tonight.

-Alex Cheung’s father spoke with Mr. Villiard about his interest in opening up his restaurant,
Jade Dragon for a location to host a fundraiser for the Music Department. There are two
locations of his restaurant, Milford and Merrimack. Mr. Villiard will let Mr. Cheung know of our
interest and discuss some dates.

-The Music Semi is coming up! There will be a request soon for volunteers to help out at this
special event. There will be a need for food servers, game dealers, and food donations.

-Mr. Sterling will be working on the opportunity for the Seniors in the Music Department to
take a trip to Boston. They have done so in the past when there has been no other Music Dept.
trip during the school year. He will need to work on approval for this event.

Old Business:
Families and students are asked to encourage parents to attend the mattress sale parent
meeting Tues., Jan. 16th. If 50+ parents attend, CHAMPS will earn $300.

Additional Business:
Mr. Sterling made an unscheduled visit to the meeting to announce to CHAMPS that he will be
retiring at the end of this year. He indicated that technically it was public knowledge since he
had to let the School Board know in October, but he had not made a general announcement to
the students yet, and would probably rely on a few “connector” students to spread the word

*Caroline motioned to adjourn the meeting and Amy seconded the motion.

Next meeting: Thurs., Feb.8th
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May 8, 2018, 8:01 AM