Meeting Minutes December 2017

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C.H.A.M.P.S Meeting Notes
December 13, 2017
Greg Powers, President
Paula Kew, Secretary
Tim Vigneau, Music Dept. Staff
Amy Roell
Lisa Walker

Secretary’s Minutes
Paula Kew shared that Leslie Want’s name had not been listed on
the meeting notes for attending the November CHAMPS meeting.
Amy Roell motioned to move the minutes and Lisa Walker seconded
the motion.

Treasurer’s Report:
Not available at this time

Music Staff Report:
Mr. Vigneau asked on behalf of Mr. Villiard, if a police officer
would need to be present for the upcoming Music Semi, January
27th. The policy is that if a building administrator is present at
the function, there would not be a need. Greg will check with Mr.

$600 will be allocated for festival fees.

Mr. Vigneau expressed an interest in holding another mattress sale
fundraiser this year. Some ideas were shared as to how to
increase advertising for the event. Ideas are continued signs,
posters, “Save the Date” notices and to utilize social media. It
was suggested that college students from the area might be
interested in attending this sale and that we should reach out to
the nearby colleges. The person in charge of the mattress
fundraiser will be asked to present again to Music Department
families and friends before the fundraiser date.

Fundraising Committee:
Paperwork is ready to go for the Savers fundraising opportunity.
Clothing, bed sheets, household items, etc. are examples of “gently
used” items that can be donated. It was suggested that bags
with a label be available at music department events, like the
concerts to remind and encourage families to donate those items
they no longer are interested in keeping at home. A storage area
would be needed for all the donations that arrive at school.

There were less advertisements sold for the concert books this
year, but information was passed out later to the students, with
less time for them to sell.

New Business:
Harry Potter will be the theme of the January Music Semi. There
will be a need for game dealers for this event.

Lisa volunteered to pick up more raffle tickets at Staples for the
50/50 because they are running low.

Old Business:
Progress is being made regarding a night for Greg and interested
CHAMP members to dine at Piccola Italia and present John with
his gifts (concert group photos of Band, Chorus and Orchestra).
This opportunity is to thank him for his generosity over the years
for letting us hold an annual dinner fundraiser at his restaurant.

Lisa graciously offered to host a pot-luck dinner social for parents
at her home with hors d’oeuvres and desserts. The date will be
announced soon.

Amy motioned to adjourn the meeting and Lisa seconded the
Central Webmaster,
May 8, 2018, 7:58 AM