Meeting Minutes 1/7/15

posted Mar 4, 2015, 11:11 AM by Central Webmaster

President: Alison Kivikoski

Meeting called to order at 6:30pm

Present:  Donna Glenn, Nancy Kiritsy, Kathy Koutroubas, Ginny Tsirimokos, Tom Seniow, Greg Powers, Elizabeth Webster, Leslie Want, Mary Ellen Stergiou, Aidan Stergiou, Grace Umana

Treasurers Report – Nancy Kiritsy

Banking account summary as of December 31, 2014.  Checking account unencumbered funds are $7041.76.  Savings unencumbered funds are $3060.02.  Motion to approve report by Elizabeth Webster and seconded by Leslie Want.

Secretary’s Minutes – Kathy Koutroubas

The minutes from the December 4th meeting were read.  A couple of minor changes were noted.  Motion to accept minutes by Ginny Tsirimokos and seconded by Leslie Want.

Committee Reports:

Music Staff – Mr. Seniow

Recap on success of the Holiday Concerts.

All States – more than 12 music members were selected. Mr. Seniow to verify totals from each group and email us. Champs will help defray costs. Total budget is $400. No volunteer assistance needed.

New Business:

Chamber Festival – this is an elite All State event.  Is a Saturday with a clinician and an evening concert. 3-4 instrumentalists.  This has a separate cost of $50-$75 which will be added to budget.

Treasurers Report/Budgets/Unbudgeted Expenses - Nancy reviewed the Budget Analysis which showed the approved Budget for 2014/2015 is $8715.00 and $3,632.41 has been spent with a balance of $5,280.97 of outstanding budget items.  Goal is to raise awareness of costs.  One item questioned was the line item on gaming funds to better understand the background.  Discussion was held on whether there are other companies or credit unions that do community outreach similar to St. Mary’s grant.  Maybe we can add to the music programs to see if families have contacts at their companies.  One example could be do have monies donated to United Way designated to Champs.  Mr. Seniow to send out email to his peers. Alison to verify about United Way.

Music Department Semi Formal – Scheduled to run 6pm-10pm.  The theme is in the Jungle. Food from Puritan to include 3 buckets of tenders, 2 bowls of salad, pasta with sauce and rolls and ice cream.  Champs to provide dressing,condiments, ice cream fixings, paper goods, drinks and to have parents donate cookies, brownies and cupcakes.  Eric’s dad and Maryellen confirmed to help with cards.  Champs to send out email to ask for more volunteers.  Students in charge of play money, cards, dice.  Lamps and card tables in storage. Maryellen and Elizabeth to get decorations from storage and list inventory.

Music Department Trip – 135 kids.  3 busses. $595 per child.  $200 per chaperone.  Drinks and snacks needed for bus ride. 9 Chaperones needed, 1 RN needed.  Champs to refer chaperones and ask for volunteers.

Old Business:

Ad Book – Leslie Want, Chairperson; Raised $1500!  Paper fees donated by Leslie.  In the spring, will add All State list.  Will run again.  Its easy money.

Piccola Italia Night – Elizabeth Webster & Ginny Tsirimokos, Chairs;

90 tickets were available – still 25 left.  Champs to send out last chance email and post on web. No raffle baskets.  Elizabeth proposed money ~$100 for decorations and suggested to give gift cards to workers.  Both items voted on and majority was no.

Website Postings – Kathy K Chairperson – work in progress – pictures from Holiday Concerts were posted.

Computer Purchase – 2 more computers at the cost of $2498 were purchased.  We currently have 13 computers.  The goal is to have 20.  Motion to purchase 2 more by Maryellen Stergiou and seconded by Elizabeth Webster.

Colorguard Apparel- decided to purchase their own sweatshirts.  CHAMPS will add uniforms for color guard for the next budget.

Students raised that they would love to have Music Department apparel such as sweatshirts and sweat pants.

Decorations – Discussion about whether to increase budget on decorations was held.    At this time, do not want to increase budget because originally, $500 was provided to get started in 2013/2014 and that was spent.  $200 was budgeted for 2014.  $120 was spent leaving $80 in the budget then over $200 was spent so budget is in the negative for this line item.  We will take vote to reimburse at next meeting.

Motion to close meeting by Maryellen Stergiou.  Seconded by Greg Powers.