March Meeting Minutes

posted Apr 6, 2015, 6:58 AM by Central Webmaster


Meeting Minutes 3.12.15

President:  Alison Kivikoski

Meeting called to order at 6:30pm

Present:  Donna Glenn, Ginny Tsirimokos, Ed Doyle, Mary Ellen Stergiou, Lisa Walsh, Mary Ellen Yatzus, Alex Stergiou and Mira So.

Treasurers Report – Nancy Kiritsy (presented by Alison Kivikoski)

Banking account summary as of February 28, 2015.  Checking account unencumbered funds at $16,449.77.  Savings unencumbered funds are $3,060.02.  Motion to approve report by Ginny Tsirimokos seconded by Mary Ellen Yatzus.

Secretary’s Report – Kathy Koutroubas (presented by Alison Kivikoski)

The minutes from the February were not available as Kathy was not able to attend.  They will be presented at the April 2, 2015 meeting.

Committee Reports:

Music Staff – Ed Doyle

NYC Overview – Leaving early on the morning of March 26th returning on March 28th. It is a full schedule, unfortunately there will not be time to return to the hotel to change before going out for the evening.  

All States – Everything is going well, Ed Doyle is the State wide chairperson.  

Community Music School – They are hosting a drive for donated instruments.  There will be a flyer to hand out and individuals can drop off the instruments at Central High School.  They will need to contact Ed to arrange a drop off time.  Ed asked CHAMPS to promote this initiative on the school website.

Jazz Cabaret – Looking to host at SNHU.  Ed will ask Tom Seniow to secure the venue and date; Friday, June 5th.

St. Patrick’s Day Parade – The band will be marching in the parade.  Mary Ellen Yatzus volunteered to drive the car behind the marchers to provide water and any other support needed.

New Business:

Scholarships – Alison Kivikoski to ask Kathy Koutroubas to put the scholarship forms on the school website.  The deadline to submit will be April 24, 2015.  Alison will contact Nancy Kiritsy to obtain the scholarship forms.  

Eagle Scout Project Review – Alex Yatzus came to the meeting and presented to the CHAMPS board the results of the renovation project to the Music Department Storage Room.  This project was undertaken as part of his Eagle Scout requirement.  Alex presented a color brief with pictures that was passed around for all attendees to review.  He also submitted an expense report that outlined his purchased for materials and supplies.  Alex is asking the CHAMPS board to fund the outstanding expense of $378.34.

Due to absence of two board members, Alison Kivikoski asked to defer the vote to pay $378.34 to the next board meeting.

Officer Elections - Alison Kivikoski stated that she would ask Kathy Koutroubas to chair the nomination committee and to bring forth a slate of officers to the May meeting.  Alison noted that Nancy Kiritsy and Ginny Tsirimokos would like to remain on the board in different positions.  Donna Glenn, Alison Kivikoski and Kathy Koutroubas will be stepping off.

Senior BBQ – Alison Kivikoski asked Ed Doyle if the Music Department would like to host the Senior BBQ at Brookside Congregational Church on Elm Street.  The date of the event is June 9, 2015.  Ed expressed the venue works and to move forward secure the church grounds.

Hillside Days – To be held on Tuesday & Wednesday during school with concerts during the evening to follow.  Pizza and water will be purchased and supplied for lunch both days.

Ginny Tsirimokos will pick up pizza on Tuesday and deliver to school.

Greg Powers will pick up pizza on Wednesday and deliver to school.

Ed Doyle asked if we could secure assistance during lunch.  Mary Ellen Yatzus agreed to help out on Wednesday and Mira So agreed to help out on Tuesday.

Admissions (donations) will take place on both evenings and we will run concessions stands both evenings as well.

Spring Concert – Will be held on May 27th.  Ad book will be issued for this event.

Motion to close the meeting by Mary Ellen Stergiou.  Seconded by Ginny Tsirimokos