February Meeting Minutes

posted Apr 6, 2015, 6:57 AM by Central Webmaster
February 19 2015

President: Alison Kivikoski

Meeting called to order at 6:30pm

Present:  Donna Glenn, Nancy Kiritsy, Kathy Koutroubas, Ginny Tsirimokos, Tom Seniow, Greg Powers, MaryEllen Y.

Treasurers Report – Nancy Kiritsy

Banking account summary as of January 31, 2015.  Checking account unencumbered funds are $18,951.56.  Savings unencumbered funds are $3,060.02.  Noted we need to amend report with purchase of 2 computers. Motion to approve report by Mary Ellen Y and seconded by Ginny T.

Secretary’s Minutes – Kathy Koutroubas

The minutes from the January 7th meeting were reviewed.  Motion to accept minutes by Tom S. and seconded by Mary Ellen Y.

Committee Reports:

Music Staff – Mr. Seniow

Recap on Semi Formal.  All agreed fun time by all and event was a success.  Kids only feedback was they wanted more dance type music.  Provided list of volunteers to Tom for the kids.  Noted that we used all 22 bottles of soda and ran out.  Recalled we had a fruit punch previous year so that could have helped.

All States – more than 12 music members were selected. Mr. Seniow to verify totals from each group and email us. Champs will help defray costs. Total budget is $400. No volunteer assistance needed.

Old Business:

Ad Book – Leslie Want, Chairperson; It will be run for May and June concerts; Info needs to be submitted in March/April timeframe.

Piccola Italia Night – Elizabeth Webster & Ginny Tsirimokos, Chairs;

90 tickets were available – 85 sold.  $3k raised! Very positive event! Maryellen to send update and thank you to John and send names of volunteers to Board so they can personally thank them.

Website Postings – Kathy K Chairperson – work in progress – pictures from Semi Formal were posted. Recently added list of officers as well as Champs ByLaws.

Belmont Lakes Region Charitable Gaming – proceeds are around $9K!  Nancy to put in for next year.

Music Director Receipts – only expenses from Semi left are the police officer fees.

Music Department trip to NYC – Need 3 more chaperones – MaryEllen, Ginny and Kathy signed up.

Music Department asked for $345 to offset trip expenses – All agreed ok – Greg Powers motioned to accept and Mary Ellen seconded.

Spring Music Festival  - Clinics during the day/concerts at night at 6:30pm – 3/17 Band; 3/18 Orchestra; 4/9 Chorus.  Champs to buy pizza from Papa Ginos on S. Willow and provide water. Directors to send Champs email with order and time needed.  Ginny can deliver on 3/17.  Greg can deliver on 3/18.

Visiting Artists - $175 budget item to be used.

Expressed need for budget for clinicians, visiting artists and accompanyists going forward.

Spring Concert is Wednesday, 5/27 – all groups same night with staggered starts.

Jazz Cabaret is Friday, 6/5 at SNHU.

Graduation is Saturday, 6/13 at 9am.

For next meeting, Alex Y to present Eagle Scout Project.

Next meeting moved to 3/12/15.

Alison motioned to close meeting.  Mary Ellen seconded.