CHAMPS Meeting Minutes

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CHAMPs Meeting Minutes    November 12, 2014   

President: Alison Kivikoski

Meeting called to order at 6:30pm

Present:  Nancy Kiritsy, Kathy Koutroubas, Ginny Tsirimokos, Steve Organek, Mike Johnson, Elizabeth Webster, Leslie Want, Michelle Leonard

Treasurers Report – Nancy Kiritsy

Banking account summary as of October 30, 2014.  Checking account unencumbered funds are $5470.75.  Savings unencumbered funds are $3060.02.  Motion to approve report by Elizabeth Webster and seconded by Ginny Tsirimokos.

Secretary’s Minutes – Kathy Koutroubas

The minutes from the October 2nd meeting were read.  A couple of minor changes were noted.  Motion to accept minutes by Leslie Want and seconded by Ginny Tsirimokos.

Committee Reports:

Music Staff – Mr. Organek

Great feedback received from the Fall concert – everyone is more excited about the concerts.  So would like to continue with more fun and exciting concerts.

In regards to entry donations to concerts, can we add note on placard stating “all proceeds go to the CHS Music Dept”.

For the Champs Open House at concert – discussion about how only Chorus and Jazz Band parents got to participate because Orchestra families left after their performance.

All States are taking place Satruday at 7:30am at Memorial – all report to Mr. Sterling.  It’s a full day of auditions with representation from all over the state.

Mr. Sterling will coordinate with Alison to meet at the Apple Store at the Mall to purchase 2 MAC computers.

For the Christmas concerts - we want to really have a lot of decorations!

The Veterans Day Parade was a success.  Taps were played at 11am at Bridge and again at 11:11.

New Business:

Turkey Bowl is taking place on Thanksgiving morning Central vs. Memorial.  Hot Chocolate and Cider is provided to band kids – we need a parent volunteer to cover this.

Apparel for the color guard was submitted for request.

Old Business:

Ad Book – Leslie Want, Chairperson; 30 ads needed for it to be worthwhile. Discussed providing incentives to kids– paperwork is not getting home so decided to send via email to music families.  Leslie to send paperwork to Nancy to send out the email with extended deadline of 12/1.  Kathy K to ask for memo and paper work to be posted to CHS Web as well.

Piccola Italia Night – Elizabeth Webster & Ginny Tsirimokos, Chairs; had first meeting which included a tasting event!  Scheduled event for Monday, January 12th with 5:30pm start, 6:30pm Buffet, 9pm close. Cost is $30pp.  Semi-Formal for Adults only. Live Duo for the Entertainment has been booked.  Theme is “Come to Italy”.  Seating capacity is 90. Pay ahead to get name on list.

Discussed about announcing event at the concerts and sending out email to all music parents with contact to MaryEllen to sign up. Want to ensure everyone is included.

Open issue – can students work while there is a cash bar?  Elizabeth emailed Mr. Borsch for clarification.

Website Postings – Kathy K Chairperson – Website is a work in progress.  Calendar is posted. Champs Meeting schedule and minutes are posted.  Pictures from concert and parade have also been posted.

Belmont Lakes Region Casino – this is booked for December.

Other Question:  Why isn’t there a Musical Theatre program?  Understanding is that there is $10K available to school from a generous donation…Michelle Leomare to check with Principal.

Motion to end meeting by Ginny Tsirimokos.  Seconded by Elizabeth Webster.