CHAMPS Meeting Minutes

posted Nov 19, 2014, 4:20 PM by Central Webmaster

Acting President: Alison Kivikoski

Meeting called to order at 6:30pm

Present:  Nancy Kiritsy, Kathy Koutroubas, Ginny Tsirimokos, John Paolini, Amy Roell, Mira So, Leslie Want, Becky O’Neil, Elizabeth Webster, Maryellen Yatzus, Scott Harris

Treasurers Report – Nancy Kiritsy

Banking account summary as of September 30, 2014.  Checking account unencumbered funds are $5,058.46.  Savings unencumbered funds are $3060.02.  Motion to approve report by Maryellen Yatzus and seconded by Ginny Tsirimokos.

Old Business – Alison Kiviikoski

Alison discussed the need for parents to step up and get involved with the board.  Ideally someone who can work closely with Alison and Nancy this year and then continue on in the coming years.  She encouraged everyone and explained not to be afraid of a title on the board as everyone works closely together.

Staff Update – Mr. Doyle

Mr. Doyle reviewed the Music Department calendar which lists all group events.  It has been added to the web.  He will email to everyone as well.

He then did a recap of the Big E – The Band marched in the parade.  There were 3 NH bands and 3 MA bands.  Central had a great presence and it was a fun time.

The trip to NYC will be in March.  Each student is responsible for fund raisers.  First one is a candy sale this month.  

Orchestra asked for donation of $150 to cover the cost of the professional black light that will be used at the Halloween-themed concert this month.  Motion to approve by Kathy Koutroubas and seconded by Ginny Tsirimokos.

New Business – All

Discussion of the variety of fund raisers held. In the past, we have done Belmont Gaming which has been a big contributor for us but this may be our last year  as they rotate allocations for non-profits each year, so need something to replace that.  Scott Harris to check into Seacoast Gaming.

John Paolini offered to sponsor an evening at Piccolas.  It could be done on a Monday night.  Facility holds 100 people max.  Thought the students could serve the food and clean up.  And we could have a variety of ensembles play music.  We think January would be the month to do this.

Next, we discussed the AD Book.  This has been a huge success in the past.  Leslie Want agreed to lead this project.  Alison and Nancy to forward the information to her.  CHAMPs will get covered for cost to make ad book and then the funds get credited to student accounts.  (“Student Accounts” – actually there is only one Music Department account but the funds are allocated to the students for the events.)

The wreath orders were discussed and determined not to be done this year.

Another suggestion was to just ask via letter for donations instead of selling items.

The Orchestra, Jazz Band and Choirs will have a concert on October 28th.  CHAMPS will host an Open House that night with refreshments.  Alison, Nancy and Ginny are available to help out.  Will need additional helpers and food items.

We wrapped up with a discussion of advocacy and Public Relations.  How do we get the word out about all the great things the kids are doing?  One example was the Tri-M concert to raise money.

Kathy Koutroubas to lead getting a Music Department page set up on the CHS web site.

Elizabeth Webster to look into setting up a Facebook page.

Motion to end meeting by Leslie Want.