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CHAMPS Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes January 2018

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January 11, 2018
Greg Powers, President
Moira Philbrook, Vice President
Paula Kew, Secretary
Colleen Barbarita, Treasurer (newly elected)
Mr. Kurt Villiard, Music Dept. Staff
Mr. Ed Sterling, Music Dept. Staff
Caroline Glennon
Amy Roell

Secretary’s Minutes:
Caroline motioned to accept and move the minutes and Amy seconded the motion.

Treasurer’s Report:
Not available at this time

Music Staff Report:
Upcoming Events-
Jan. 13th-NHMEA Chamber Music Festival at 5PM, Timberlane
Jan. 16th-Mattress Sale Meeting at 7PM
Jan. 27th-Music Dept. Semi-Formal
Feb. 3rd-Mattress Sale
Mar. 6th-Tri-M concert

Mr. Villiard shared that Mr. Vigneau and Mr. Doyle would like Music Dept. members, including
the Music Advocacy Group, to be aware of the bill that recently passed regarding state level
vouchers for school choice. Approximately $400,000 would come from the Manchester budget
each year to cover the voucher program. The Music Dept. staff hopes that the advocacy group
will work to put pressure on the school board, so that the Music Dept. will not face cuts, as it
is already underfunded.

Mr. Villiard informed the group that band and orchestra will be switching their concert dates in
March. Orchestra will perform March 13th and band March 14th.

-CHAMPS profited $3,534 from our participation in the Charitable Gaming program (last five
days of the year). Last year we made about $3,900. An application must be filled out each
year to keep our spot in this program. Also, each of the five days of our participation, a
member must drive to the Belmont casino to sign paperwork for the money each day. Greg
Powers has been committed to doing that for CHAMPS for a while now. CHAMPS appreciates
Greg’s time and travel in doing so. Some suggestions were made to look into other businesses
that are closer (Jokers, Boston Billiards), who are offering the same fundraising opportunity.

-CHAMPS is still interested in taking advantage of the Savers fundraising opportunity. Savers
will take just about anything “gently used” from clothing, sheets, appliances, toys and crafts.
If donations exceed a certain amount, we would be eligible to earn a $75 voucher towards
delivery to the store.

-Moira shared information about selling “I’m With The Band!” t-shirts. Many members agreed
that for a design it would be nice to have the Central logo on the front and the message “I’m
With The Band!” on the back. It was also discussed that there could also be a generic shirt
with a message tha says “I’m With The Music Department!” for Chorus and Orchestra students.
Paula suggested that the t-shirts be sold at future concerts. Mr. Sterling thought that they
could be a big sell at the step-up concerts for the middle school students too.

-Colleen shared that we think about how to advertise our city’s need for donations of
instruments to the schools.

New Business:
-Kelly Mohs recently stepped down from her position as Treasurer. Colleen Barbarita agreed to
take on the position and was voted in tonight.

-Alex Cheung’s father spoke with Mr. Villiard about his interest in opening up his restaurant,
Jade Dragon for a location to host a fundraiser for the Music Department. There are two
locations of his restaurant, Milford and Merrimack. Mr. Villiard will let Mr. Cheung know of our
interest and discuss some dates.

-The Music Semi is coming up! There will be a request soon for volunteers to help out at this
special event. There will be a need for food servers, game dealers, and food donations.

-Mr. Sterling will be working on the opportunity for the Seniors in the Music Department to
take a trip to Boston. They have done so in the past when there has been no other Music Dept.
trip during the school year. He will need to work on approval for this event.

Old Business:
Families and students are asked to encourage parents to attend the mattress sale parent
meeting Tues., Jan. 16th. If 50+ parents attend, CHAMPS will earn $300.

Additional Business:
Mr. Sterling made an unscheduled visit to the meeting to announce to CHAMPS that he will be
retiring at the end of this year. He indicated that technically it was public knowledge since he
had to let the School Board know in October, but he had not made a general announcement to
the students yet, and would probably rely on a few “connector” students to spread the word

*Caroline motioned to adjourn the meeting and Amy seconded the motion.

Next meeting: Thurs., Feb.8th

Meeting Minutes December 2017

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C.H.A.M.P.S Meeting Notes
December 13, 2017
Greg Powers, President
Paula Kew, Secretary
Tim Vigneau, Music Dept. Staff
Amy Roell
Lisa Walker

Secretary’s Minutes
Paula Kew shared that Leslie Want’s name had not been listed on
the meeting notes for attending the November CHAMPS meeting.
Amy Roell motioned to move the minutes and Lisa Walker seconded
the motion.

Treasurer’s Report:
Not available at this time

Music Staff Report:
Mr. Vigneau asked on behalf of Mr. Villiard, if a police officer
would need to be present for the upcoming Music Semi, January
27th. The policy is that if a building administrator is present at
the function, there would not be a need. Greg will check with Mr.

$600 will be allocated for festival fees.

Mr. Vigneau expressed an interest in holding another mattress sale
fundraiser this year. Some ideas were shared as to how to
increase advertising for the event. Ideas are continued signs,
posters, “Save the Date” notices and to utilize social media. It
was suggested that college students from the area might be
interested in attending this sale and that we should reach out to
the nearby colleges. The person in charge of the mattress
fundraiser will be asked to present again to Music Department
families and friends before the fundraiser date.

Fundraising Committee:
Paperwork is ready to go for the Savers fundraising opportunity.
Clothing, bed sheets, household items, etc. are examples of “gently
used” items that can be donated. It was suggested that bags
with a label be available at music department events, like the
concerts to remind and encourage families to donate those items
they no longer are interested in keeping at home. A storage area
would be needed for all the donations that arrive at school.

There were less advertisements sold for the concert books this
year, but information was passed out later to the students, with
less time for them to sell.

New Business:
Harry Potter will be the theme of the January Music Semi. There
will be a need for game dealers for this event.

Lisa volunteered to pick up more raffle tickets at Staples for the
50/50 because they are running low.

Old Business:
Progress is being made regarding a night for Greg and interested
CHAMP members to dine at Piccola Italia and present John with
his gifts (concert group photos of Band, Chorus and Orchestra).
This opportunity is to thank him for his generosity over the years
for letting us hold an annual dinner fundraiser at his restaurant.

Lisa graciously offered to host a pot-luck dinner social for parents
at her home with hors d’oeuvres and desserts. The date will be
announced soon.

Amy motioned to adjourn the meeting and Lisa seconded the

Meeting Minutes November 2017

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C.H.A.M.P.S Meeting Notes
November 9, 2017
Greg Powers, President
Moira Philbrook, Vice President
Paula Kew, Secretary
Tom Seniow, Music Dept. Staff
Stephanie Flanders
Caroline Glennon
Susan Joyal
Kevin Phelan
Leslie Want

Secretary’s Minutes:
Last month’s minutes will be amended. There will be a correction made
regarding the stated balance of the checking account, as well as the spelling
of a member’s name. Leslie Want motioned to amend the minutes, as well as
move the Treasurer’s Report, under the condition of said changes. Caroline
Glennon seconded the motion.

Treasurer’s Report:
Checking account balance of Oct. 31, 2017 - $14,895.32
Expenses incurred include:
-Annual State Filing Fee $75 -NH State Certificate of Good Standing $30
-Miscellaneous operating expenses $300 -Band Camp BBQ $250

Music Staff Report:
Mr. Seniow shared that the Veteran’s ceremony was successful. There was a
special sing along at the end.

The girls in chorus are excited for the dresses that have been ordered.

Mr. Seniow answered some questions about the upcoming Veteran’s Day
parade. He reported that the building principals make the decision regarding
students marching. Typically, the students don’t march if the temperature is
below 32 degrees.
Important Dates:
- 11/11 - Veteran’s Day parade
- 11/18 – Classical All-State auditions at Memorial HS
- 12/19 – Orchestra and Chorus concert
- 12/21 – Band and Jazz Band concert

Fundraising Committee:
Charitable Gaming casino application is in progress. CHAMPS benefits from
the proceeds the last five days of the year.

Susan Joyal has been gathering information regarding the Savers fundraising
opportunity. $75 may need to be spent on a U-Haul truck to transport
“gently used” donations to Savers. Greg will set up a date for this
fundraising event. More information will be on the way.

It was decided to continue asking students to sell ad books for the concert
programs. Last year students raised $1,532 in which CHAMPS made $648.
Ads will be sold for the upcoming December concerts. 225 ad books will be

New Business:
John Bisson and Lisa Walker will be recruiting members to join the Arts
Advocacy Committee. This group will continue to discuss ideas of how to raise
awareness for the necessary funding for music students, district wide. Mr.
Seniow’s recommendation was to be specific about students’ needs. An
example was to decide on whether the priority is for new instruments and/or
repair or new uniforms. It was suggested that an instrument inventory be
taken, and to find out how old the band marching uniforms are and the
condition. Reaching out to the School Board, Mayor and Alderman has been
discussed, as well as contacting the Union Leader.

Moira Philbrook is looking into having T-shirts made for Music Dept. students.
She will seek help from some students to create a design for the shirts,
which will be sold as a fundraiser.

Old Business:
A date needs to be set to present John from Piccola Italia with his gift
(concert group photos of Band, Chorus and Orchestra). We’d like to thank
him for his generosity over the years for letting us have a fundraising event
at his restaurant. We won’t be having the CHAMPS annual dinner event
there this year, as his children are not at Central now. An alternative event
is being considered at this time.

Meeting Minutes October 2017

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C.H.A.M.P.S Meeting Notes

October 11, 2017

Greg Powers, President
Kelly Mohs, Treasurer
Paula Kew, Secretary
Ed Sterling, Music Dept. Staff
Lisa Walker
John Bisson
Caroline Gleason
Susan Joyal

Secretary’s Minutes:
Greg Powers requested motion to accept September’s meeting minutes. Motion
approved by Lisa Walker and seconded by Caroline Gleason.

Treasurer’s Report:
We had $16,545.00 in our checking account, minus $197.94 spent on the Band Camp
BBQ. Budgeted money for this event was $250, which leaves an additional $52.06.

The approved budget for new chorus dresses is $1,500. The total cost of the dresses
is $1,479, but order is still pending.

Savings account - $6,876.05 of which $2,196.94 is unencumbered.
Cash bank - $300

Greg Powers requested motion to accept this report. Motion approved by Susan
Joyal and seconded by Caroline Gleason.

Music Staff Report:
Mr. Sterling happily reported that the soundproofing is done and that the project
has made a dramatic change and proves to be helpful.

Some grant money was left over from the project and he would like to use that
money to buy materials for other rooms (Jazz Band room and practice rooms) to be
soundproofed. Greg Powers will contact Mr. Vaccarezza to request that these other
rooms be done.

Mr. Sterling also shared his concern that the sound curtain hooks are too light and
that he would like to look into something that is more heavy duty.

Many “Senior Squares” painted by the Music Dept. graduates were covered with
soundproofing material. Mr. Sterling told that those paintings affected were

Mr. Sterling shared that in November’s upcoming play, “She Kills Monsters,” the trap
door on stage will be used again, finally after 60 years.

The elementary school tour that happened this fall was a tremendous success. Mr.
Sterling received positive feedback. The band students were quite busy that day
having toured at 4 elementary schools, then participating at the school’s pep rally
and playing at the football game at night.

Mr. Sterling is hoping for a Music Dept. trip for the Seniors to Boston this school

Important Dates mentioned:
- 10/14 String Festival
- 10/24 Fall Concert – Choir, Jazz Band and Orchestra
- 10/20 Football game/Senior night – parents to arrive at least 15 minutes
early to line up with students
- 10/21 Jazz All-State auditions
- 10/27 Halloween game – Costumes for band members required
- 10/31 – Halloween party - 5:00-7:00
- 11/11 – Veteran’s Day parade
- 11/18 – Classical All-State auditions at Memorial HS

Fundraising Committee:
CHAMPS is considering holding a Savers Clothing Drive. A date and a location would
be chosen to donate gently used clothing and shoes. A percentage of money would
go to the Music Department determined by how many pounds were delivered to

A night for parents to get together was discussed. The date of the event may be
some time in mid February. Lisa Walker volunteered to chair this event.

Old Business:
Mr. Sterling voiced again, his concern regarding the lack of school district funding
for the Music Department for things such as instrument purchase and repair, new
uniforms, sheet music, etc. CHAMPS members will continue to discuss ideas of how to
raise awareness and advocacy district-wide to try to help improve this situation. A
committee is in the process of being formed to try to be proactive and help. An
important point was made that Manchester’s music students are involved in many
city events, including marching in parades and performing at special ceremonies. John
Bisson and Lisa Walker plan on working on this committee and meeting in the near
future with Mr. Sterling to discuss more.

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Greg Powers and was seconded by
Susan Joyal. Motion was granted.

Meeting Minutes September 2017

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Meeting Minutes

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Meeting Minutes 4.2.15

Vice President:  Ginny Tsirimokos

Meeting called to order at 6:30pm

Present:  Donna Glenn, Mary Ellen Yatzus, Greg Powers, Nancy Kiritsy, Kathy Koutroubas, Steve Organek

Treasurers Report – Nancy Kiritsy

Banking account summary as of March 31, 2015.  Checking account unencumbered funds at $14,356.49. Savings unencumbered funds are $3,060.02.  Motion to accept report by Mary Ellen Yatzus and seconded by Greg Powers

Secretary’s Report – Kathy Koutroubas

Minutes were reviewed.  Motion to accept by Greg Powers and seconded by Mary Ellen Yatzus.

Committee Reports:

Music Staff – Steve Organek

NYC Overview Excellent!  Would like to do again in 2 years.

Hillside Days – Orchestra all went well – kids really enjoyed clinicians.  Choirs is set for 4/7.  There are 70 kids.  For pizza include pepperoni pizzas.  Also need waters.  Lunch to be served at 12:15pm  Alison will place order.  Greg Powers will do pick up and delivery.

Also, choirs are scheduled to sing at Fisher Cats game on 4/15.

St. Patrick’s Day Parade – The band will be marching in the parade.  Should get Central magnets for cars that are part of parade.

New Business:

Budgets – add line item for pizza for clinics.

New Grill needed.

All States – 4/16-4/18 – Ed Doyle chairs for state.  Bus picks up kids and they stay overnight in Concord.

Apples – 13 on site; 1 in repair shop; 1 speaker output broken.  Smart music has increased practice time and introduced new music.  2 more already budgeted.  We have room in budget to purchase 2 more.  Steve to ask total number needed.

Apparel Volunteers needed during Band Camp week.  Champs to send out email.

Scholarship night?  Nancy to call school to get the date.

Nomination committee to present slate at May meeting.

Old Business:

Ad Book – Leslie all set.

Website Postings – videos have been posted.  Scholarship information has been posted. Slide show of NYC has been posted.

2 more PCs have been purchased.

Belmont Lakes Region for Casino next year – awaiting word on contract.

No receipts for reimbursement at this time.

Spring Concert is 5/27/15 – all three groups will perform.  Will need volunteers to help and bake.

Need # of seniors.

Motion to close meeting by Greg Powers and seconded by Mary Ellen Yatzus

Music Videos

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Orchestra Concert in March - performing "Stay with Me".
During recent Music Department trip to NYC, they had the unique opportunity to attend a private music class with the cast of Cabaret at 54 Below!
First video is learning "The Pineapple Song":
Some students even got to perform a duet of "The Pineapple Song"!

March Meeting Minutes

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Meeting Minutes 3.12.15

President:  Alison Kivikoski

Meeting called to order at 6:30pm

Present:  Donna Glenn, Ginny Tsirimokos, Ed Doyle, Mary Ellen Stergiou, Lisa Walsh, Mary Ellen Yatzus, Alex Stergiou and Mira So.

Treasurers Report – Nancy Kiritsy (presented by Alison Kivikoski)

Banking account summary as of February 28, 2015.  Checking account unencumbered funds at $16,449.77.  Savings unencumbered funds are $3,060.02.  Motion to approve report by Ginny Tsirimokos seconded by Mary Ellen Yatzus.

Secretary’s Report – Kathy Koutroubas (presented by Alison Kivikoski)

The minutes from the February were not available as Kathy was not able to attend.  They will be presented at the April 2, 2015 meeting.

Committee Reports:

Music Staff – Ed Doyle

NYC Overview – Leaving early on the morning of March 26th returning on March 28th. It is a full schedule, unfortunately there will not be time to return to the hotel to change before going out for the evening.  

All States – Everything is going well, Ed Doyle is the State wide chairperson.  

Community Music School – They are hosting a drive for donated instruments.  There will be a flyer to hand out and individuals can drop off the instruments at Central High School.  They will need to contact Ed to arrange a drop off time.  Ed asked CHAMPS to promote this initiative on the school website.

Jazz Cabaret – Looking to host at SNHU.  Ed will ask Tom Seniow to secure the venue and date; Friday, June 5th.

St. Patrick’s Day Parade – The band will be marching in the parade.  Mary Ellen Yatzus volunteered to drive the car behind the marchers to provide water and any other support needed.

New Business:

Scholarships – Alison Kivikoski to ask Kathy Koutroubas to put the scholarship forms on the school website.  The deadline to submit will be April 24, 2015.  Alison will contact Nancy Kiritsy to obtain the scholarship forms.  

Eagle Scout Project Review – Alex Yatzus came to the meeting and presented to the CHAMPS board the results of the renovation project to the Music Department Storage Room.  This project was undertaken as part of his Eagle Scout requirement.  Alex presented a color brief with pictures that was passed around for all attendees to review.  He also submitted an expense report that outlined his purchased for materials and supplies.  Alex is asking the CHAMPS board to fund the outstanding expense of $378.34.

Due to absence of two board members, Alison Kivikoski asked to defer the vote to pay $378.34 to the next board meeting.

Officer Elections - Alison Kivikoski stated that she would ask Kathy Koutroubas to chair the nomination committee and to bring forth a slate of officers to the May meeting.  Alison noted that Nancy Kiritsy and Ginny Tsirimokos would like to remain on the board in different positions.  Donna Glenn, Alison Kivikoski and Kathy Koutroubas will be stepping off.

Senior BBQ – Alison Kivikoski asked Ed Doyle if the Music Department would like to host the Senior BBQ at Brookside Congregational Church on Elm Street.  The date of the event is June 9, 2015.  Ed expressed the venue works and to move forward secure the church grounds.

Hillside Days – To be held on Tuesday & Wednesday during school with concerts during the evening to follow.  Pizza and water will be purchased and supplied for lunch both days.

Ginny Tsirimokos will pick up pizza on Tuesday and deliver to school.

Greg Powers will pick up pizza on Wednesday and deliver to school.

Ed Doyle asked if we could secure assistance during lunch.  Mary Ellen Yatzus agreed to help out on Wednesday and Mira So agreed to help out on Tuesday.

Admissions (donations) will take place on both evenings and we will run concessions stands both evenings as well.

Spring Concert – Will be held on May 27th.  Ad book will be issued for this event.

Motion to close the meeting by Mary Ellen Stergiou.  Seconded by Ginny Tsirimokos

February Meeting Minutes

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February 19 2015

President: Alison Kivikoski

Meeting called to order at 6:30pm

Present:  Donna Glenn, Nancy Kiritsy, Kathy Koutroubas, Ginny Tsirimokos, Tom Seniow, Greg Powers, MaryEllen Y.

Treasurers Report – Nancy Kiritsy

Banking account summary as of January 31, 2015.  Checking account unencumbered funds are $18,951.56.  Savings unencumbered funds are $3,060.02.  Noted we need to amend report with purchase of 2 computers. Motion to approve report by Mary Ellen Y and seconded by Ginny T.

Secretary’s Minutes – Kathy Koutroubas

The minutes from the January 7th meeting were reviewed.  Motion to accept minutes by Tom S. and seconded by Mary Ellen Y.

Committee Reports:

Music Staff – Mr. Seniow

Recap on Semi Formal.  All agreed fun time by all and event was a success.  Kids only feedback was they wanted more dance type music.  Provided list of volunteers to Tom for the kids.  Noted that we used all 22 bottles of soda and ran out.  Recalled we had a fruit punch previous year so that could have helped.

All States – more than 12 music members were selected. Mr. Seniow to verify totals from each group and email us. Champs will help defray costs. Total budget is $400. No volunteer assistance needed.

Old Business:

Ad Book – Leslie Want, Chairperson; It will be run for May and June concerts; Info needs to be submitted in March/April timeframe.

Piccola Italia Night – Elizabeth Webster & Ginny Tsirimokos, Chairs;

90 tickets were available – 85 sold.  $3k raised! Very positive event! Maryellen to send update and thank you to John and send names of volunteers to Board so they can personally thank them.

Website Postings – Kathy K Chairperson – work in progress – pictures from Semi Formal were posted. Recently added list of officers as well as Champs ByLaws.

Belmont Lakes Region Charitable Gaming – proceeds are around $9K!  Nancy to put in for next year.

Music Director Receipts – only expenses from Semi left are the police officer fees.

Music Department trip to NYC – Need 3 more chaperones – MaryEllen, Ginny and Kathy signed up.

Music Department asked for $345 to offset trip expenses – All agreed ok – Greg Powers motioned to accept and Mary Ellen seconded.

Spring Music Festival  - Clinics during the day/concerts at night at 6:30pm – 3/17 Band; 3/18 Orchestra; 4/9 Chorus.  Champs to buy pizza from Papa Ginos on S. Willow and provide water. Directors to send Champs email with order and time needed.  Ginny can deliver on 3/17.  Greg can deliver on 3/18.

Visiting Artists - $175 budget item to be used.

Expressed need for budget for clinicians, visiting artists and accompanyists going forward.

Spring Concert is Wednesday, 5/27 – all groups same night with staggered starts.

Jazz Cabaret is Friday, 6/5 at SNHU.

Graduation is Saturday, 6/13 at 9am.

For next meeting, Alex Y to present Eagle Scout Project.

Next meeting moved to 3/12/15.

Alison motioned to close meeting.  Mary Ellen seconded.

Central Orchestra Trio performing "I'm Yours"

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The following is a You Tube link to a video of Central HS Orchestra Trio performing "I'm Yours" for a wedding in Maine.  Enjoy!

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