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Scholarships are sorted by date by default. To sort by scholarship name click "sort" at the top of the column. Unless a web site is listed, information on all scholarships is available in the guidance department. 

There are some online scholarship databases to search.  
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NOTE: Some scholarships do not have specific deadlines listed and appear at the bottom of the list by default. See web sites listed for scholarship details.

For information about the Francis Wayland Parker Scholarship Program, go here
If you would like to be considered for nomination, see your counselor.
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Wendy’s High School Heisman Scholarship October 17, 2018 
AES Engineering Scholarship October 6, 2018 
Tony Des Rochers Children's Foundation Scholarship June 30, 2018 See application for details. Applications available in guidance  
Blanche Bruce Scholarship June 20, 2018 Must be currently enrolled as a college student  
Maggie's Beat May 25, 2018 Essay required- see application for details  
B. Davis Scholarship May 22, 2018 See web site for details 
Alice M Yarnold and Samuel Yarnold Scholarship May 21, 2018 For students already in college- applications in guidance  
Manchester High School Central Alumni Scholarship May 18, 2018  Must be a current Central senior see application for more details  
Katherine Bantis May 18, 2018 For a Central senior who has immigrated to the US  
Fine Homes Group Scholarship May 11, 2018 Based on community service and extracurricular activities. See application for details  
Adelaide Dodge Scholarship for Girls May 8, 2018  For girls who have need of financial assistance and give promise of success as college students  
Oparowski Music Scholarship May 8, 2018 Must have been in music program at Central for 2 or more years. Must be pursuing post secondary education in the field of music. 3.0 or better  
Carolyn L. Chase/Carolyn & Daniel Chase Scholarships May 7, 2018 For students planning on attending a 2 or 4 year college or university  
Wady Elhady Naccach Memorial Scholarship May 6, 2018  For student of excellent character, good scholastic standing and in need of finanial assistance.  
Hooksett Youth Athletic Association Scholar-Athlete Scholarship May 4, 2018 For resident of Hooksett who participated in Youth Athletic Association 
Manchester Artists Association May 1, 2018 
Society of Women Engineers Scholarship May 1, 2018 See website for details 
Manchester Garden Club Scholarship April 30, 2018  Intended major related to forestry, botany, landscape architecture, natural resources, or any other related environmental or horticultural field.  
Red Brick Guides Scholarship April 30, 2018 Essay required, see application in guidance for details 
Peters of Nashua Scholarship April 30, 2018 See website for details 
NHWPCA Scholarship April 27, 2018  Intended major: water pollution, environmental science, engineering or chemistry 
GMNBR Scholarship April 26, 2018 Majoring in, but not limited to political science, real estate law, banking, taxes or a vocational related field. See application for more details. 
Chester Eaton Scholarship / Manchester Bar Association April 23, 2018 A desire and aptitude through public service, or the law, for expected future contributions to his or her fellow citizens upon graduation. See application for more details.  
Dan Duval Scholarship April 21, 2018 For a student in a Manchester school. Priority given to those students who give back to their community.  
Queen City Rotary Club The Ken Wakefield Community Service Award April 20, 2018 Selection based on community service  
Matthew S. Panarese Scholarship April 20, 2018 For students who exemplify "Central Pride". See application for more details.  
Geraldine Olmstead Scholarships April 20, 2018 For high school students in Manchester and Bedford. See application for more details.  
Hooksett Lions Club Scholarship April 20, 2018 Applicant must be a resident of Hooksett  
George Spiro Athletic Scholarship April 20, 2018  Awarded to a Central student, who is a varsity athlete, shows excellent character, and in good academic standing.  
Avis M. Nye Scholarship April 18, 2018 For a NH student, preferably in Manchester.  
Ryan McCaughn Scholarship Class of 2005 April 18, 2018 For student pursuing a degree in the arts or have participated in arts in high school  
Greater Manchester Black Scholarship April 15, 2018  Based on financial need, academic performance and/or promise 
Dunkin Donuts Scholarship April 13, 2018 
Dustin Blake Performing Arts Scholarship Fund April 13, 2018 For senior active in Maskers or Chorus  
Rockingham County Farm Bureau Scholarship April 13, 2018 Must be a resident of Rockingham County. For students pursuing a major in agriculture. For application contact 
Policeman's Wives Association Scholarship April 13, 2018 See application for more information  
The Jack Fallon Memorial Scholarship April 12, 2018 Awarded to a college bound senior member of the Central Band  
Eaton Foundation Scholarship April 6, 2018 Intended major in communications media  
New Hampshire Association of Broadcasters April 6, 2018 For students intending to study radio or television broadcasting 
Rick Poore Memorial Scholarship April 6, 2018  Selection based on academics, community service, and financial need  
Stephen Phillips Memorial Scholarship Fund April 3, 2018 See website for details 
Manchester Women's Club Scholarship April 2, 2018  For female students attending school in Manchester  
Edmund A. Bednarowski Jr. Charitable Foundation April 1, 2018 See web site for details 
League of NH Craftsmen April 1, 2018 Pursuing an education in the field of craft related studies.  
John S. Walsh March 31, 2018 Must have a parent who is currently employed by, or retired from, the city of Manchester or the Manchester School District. Must be member of Member's First Credit Union 
Wilbur L Jenkins Memorial Scholarship  March 31, 2018  Must be a member of Members First Credit Union. Pusruing degree in business management, marketing, accounting, finance, computer science or human resources. 
Michael L Briggs Memorial Scholarship March 31, 2018 Must be a member of Members First Credit Union. Pursuing degree in law enforcement or criminal justice 
Admix Good Neighbor Scholarship March 30, 2018  For students planning on studying: Mechanical engineering, Chemical engineering, Food sciences or Micro-Biology 
NH Water Pollution Control Association Scholarship March 30, 2018 For NH students with an intended major in Water Pollution Control, Environmental Science, Engineering or Chemistry 
Julia T. Pingree Student Scholarship March 27, 2018 Further education in a business related program 
George Coleman March 15, 2018 See application for details 
Skrungloo Farm, Inc. Scholarship March 1, 2018  Based on financial need, academic merit, and specific field of study. See application for more details  
Destination College February 23, 2018 Must submit a 3-5 minute speech 
Scholarships for Military Children February 16, 2018 Application available in guidance. More information available on website. 
Faith, Hope and Love Scholarship January 20, 2018 
MENSA Foundation Scholarship January 15, 2018 See website for details MENSA Foundation 
Red Sox Scholarship January 12, 2018 Award based on academic performance, community service and financial need. Must be Central student.  
United States JCI Senate Scholarship January 5, 2018 
AXA Achievement Scholarship December 15, 2017 See web site for details 
Cumberland Farms Believe and Achieve Scholarship December 4, 2017 Have a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale 
Comcast Leaders and Achievers October 1, 2017  Minimum 2.8 gpa. Must demonstrate leadership ability. See application for full list of eligibility.  
NH AFL-CIO Scholarship June 12, 2017 For students with family a member of local union or NH AFL-CIO  
Marine Corps League May 15, 2017 For students with member of family who served in the Marines. See application for details  
Nashua Area Artists' Association Scholarship May 6, 2017 For students pursuing art in college  
CHS Booster Club Scholarship May 6, 2017 Open to student-athletes at Central 
Alumni Scholarship Fund May 5, 2017 For current Central Seniors with demonstrated need.  
Dr James D Walter Memorial Scholarship-2017 Hooksett Kiwanis May 5, 2017 For resident of Hooksett who has made a difference in their community  
Etta Berman Scholarship Fund May 4, 2017 For individuals pursuing a degree in business  
Raymond Area Rotary Club Scholarship May 4, 2017 For student who resides in Deerfield, Epping, Candia, Fremont, Nottingham or Raymond  
Eckman Award for Excellence May 4, 2017 For a student who is focused and determined to achieve academic excellence by overcoming an obstacle  
Margaret J Wallace Scholarship May 4, 2017 Must be pursuing a degree in business  
Candia Dollars For Scholars April 30, 2017 See website for details 
Manchester School District Faculty Scholarship April 21, 2017 For students who will be the first in their immediate family to attend college  
Richard and Irene Sanborn April 20, 2017 For Manchester students.   
Cecilia Gagnon Lattig Scholarship Fund April 17, 2017  Must demonstrate academic ability, a commitment to intellectual development and desire to succeed.  
AIA/NH Architecture Foundation Scholarship April 15, 2017 For students enrolling in program accredited by NAAB or students attending Keene or NHTI architecture engineering programs  
Central High School Class of 1966 Scholarship April 14, 2017 Must be planning on attending 2 year college or trade school  
Anthony W. Romano & Vernon C. Kelley Memorial Scholarship April 7, 2017 
NH Road Agents Association Scholarship April 3, 2017 Applicant must be a son or daughter of a NH Road Agents Association member.  
Loeb Educational Grant April 1, 2017 For students intending to major in journalism or related area.  
NHLSF "Moran Family" scholarship March 31, 2017 see notice in guidance for details 
NHASH Scholarship March 20, 2017 
Women's Club Scholarship March 15, 2017 Female applicants only  
NH Association of Family & Consumer Sciences Scholarship March 13, 2017 Must have completed a minimum of 2 or more F&CS or related courses.  
Journalism Education Foundation Scholarship March 3, 2017 For students studying journalism or related field  
Chris Antonelli New England Scholarship Fund March 1, 2017 For students pursuing carers in training and educating intellectually challenged individuals. Follow the 'Application' link 
NH Wrestling Scholarship February 11, 2017 For student athlete participating in varsity wrestling  
NEACAC's Essay Contest Scholarship February 1, 2017 
Big Sun Athletic Scholarship June 17, 2016 
Granite State Designers and Installers Scholarship May 6, 2016 For students intending major in civil/environmental engineering or environmental science  
Edith Quimby Shand Scholarship May 4, 2016 For students pursuing teaching career  
Digital Credit Union Scholarship May 3, 2016 For Central Student attending 2 or 4 year institution. See application in guidance for details  
Hooksett Kiwanis May 2, 2016 Must be a resident of Hooksett.  
Manchester Central High School Booster Club May 2, 2016 For stuents who display team spirit, school attitude, good sportsmanship, and overall leadership  
New Hampshire Art Educators' Association Scholarship April 15, 2016 
Class of 1953 Teaching or Nursing Scholarship April 15, 2016 For students pursuing degree in teaching or nursing  
American Insititute of Architects Scholarship April 15, 2016 See application for details 
Janice M. Scott Memorial Scholarship March 31, 2016 Must have GPA of 3.0 or higher, and demonstrated leadership in activities. Parents' combined income cannot exceed $100,000  
oxyGEN Scholarship March 31, 2016 For students interested in STEM field 
Monadnock Folklore Society Johnny Trombly Scholarship March 15, 2016 The Johnny Trombly Scholarship supports and encourages young musicians interested in playing piano or other instruments for traditional New England dance music, an American dance music form that includes contra-dance and square dance music. 
Manchester Education Association Scholarship Program March 15, 2016  For child/grandchild or current or retired member of MEA. Available in guidance and see web site for details. 
American Lebanese Awareness Association Scholarship March 1, 2016 For students or their parents who are members of the ALAA. Applications available online or in guidance. 
SAE Engineering Scholarships January 15, 2016 Multiple scholarships for engineering students 
Hooksett PTA June 1, 2015 Must be a resident of Hooksett  
Manchester South Little League Scholarship May 30, 2015 Participated in Manchester South Little League  
Justin Martel Scholarship Fund May 15, 2015 See application  
Todd Libby Key Club Memorial Scholarship May 4, 2015 For member of Central Key Club  
CLJ Oparowski Music Support and Scholarship Fund May 1, 2015 Must have been in the music program at Central for two or more years  
CHAMPS Scholarship April 24, 2015 
Survivors of the Holocaust and the Armenian Genocide Scholarship April 23, 2015   
Arch Clinton Luther III Science Science Scholarship April 20, 2015 Pursue a curriculum in science, except for medicine, mathematics or engineering.  
George Der Koorkanian Memorial Scholarship April 17, 2015 For first generation American or a new immigrant  
James Connolly Jr. Memorial Hockey Scholarship April 17, 2015 Must be a member of the Varsity Hockey Team  
The NFIB Young Entrepreneur Awards December 18, 2014 
Van and Joanna Christy Scholarship Fund May 31, 2014 For students in Manchester and surrounding community. Must be of Greek origin or descent.  
Armand J. LeBlanc Trade Scholarship May 26, 2014  For students interested in plumbing, electrical or HVAC  
Bonnie Newman Scholarship May 16, 2014 For student attending MCC. Active in community service, volunteering, school leadership activities. Strong academic performance.  
BST Sam Carey Scholarship May 1, 2014 For a varsity athlete at Central  
HOPE Scholarship Fund May 1, 2014 Must be homeless or have been homeless any time during school attendance.  
Lakes Region Tourism Association of NH Scholarship March 7, 2014 For students intending to study a tourism or hospitality related field  
NH High School Craft Education Scholarship April 1, 2013  For individuals pursuing career as a professional craftsperson. See application for more details  
Medallion Fund  For students pursuing technical or vocational education. See application for details 
NH Land Survey Scholarhips 
VFW Voice of Democracy Scholarship 
DAR Scholarships- Multiple Scholarships Available  Multiple scholarships available 
Design a Better Future  See website for details 
Digital Federal Credit Union Memorial Scholarship 
Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund 
Manchester Choral Society 
Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship 
GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship Scholarship 
Mexican American Legal Defense and Education fund  Several scholarships available for undocumented students scholarship 
The Medallion Fund Scholarships  Applicants must be legal residents of New Hampshire; must have a keen desire to work in a vocational/technical career. No deadline 
Ron Brown Scholar Program  See website for more information 
NSHSS  Multiple scholarships available from National Society of High School Scholars. See website for details. 
NH Young Farmers 
Elks Club Scholarships  Multiple scholarships available, see website. Deadlines typically start in November 
Manning & Zimmerman 7th Amendment Scholarship 
Mathematics Major Scholarship  See 'awards and scholarships' section on website 
SchoolHouse Connection 
Hispanic Scholarship Fund 
Coca-Cola Scholarship 
Buick Achievers Scholarship 
American Legion Legacy Scholarship 
DECA Scholarships 
Typology Central  Required essay about personality type systems 
New England Newspaper & Press Association Scholarship 
Tobacco-Free Life Academic Scholarship 
EF Global Citizen Scholarship 
Merck Respiratory Will to Win Scholarship Program   For student with asthma 
NH Housing Authorities Corp.  Must be a resident of an assisted housing program 
Student-View Scholarship 
Beauty and Wellness Scholarship 
WACE Scholarship 
Joe O'Neil Scholarship  For Central student who participated in track and/or cross country  
Gates Millennium Scholars 
The Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship 
Waldo and Alice Ayer Music Scholarship  For students interested in becoming musicians or music teachers 
NH Teachers of Mathematics 
OMEGA Scholarship  For junior or senior looking to make connections between students and older adults in community Application 
Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Scholarship 
Hope Starts Here Scholarship  Applicants must be homeless or have been homeless anytime during high school 
Animal Allies Doris Hood Scholarship 
NHGMC  Planning on majoring in performing arts 
The American Culinary Federation Foundation Scholarships  DATES VARY: See web site for details. For students who have a career goal of becoming a chef or pastry chef. 
NH Charitable Foundation  DATES VARY: students can apply to several scholarships through the NH Charitable Foundation 
SHC Youth Scholarship Program  For students who have experienced homelessness 
Fisher Cats Scholarships 
Hood Scholarship  Must participate in varsity sports, have a GPA of 3.0 or higher, and perform volunteer work 
First Scholarship Program  Multiple scholarships available for Engineering/Science majors 
NH Society of Professional Engineers Scholarships  See website for details. 
NENPA Journalism Scholarship  For journalism students 
Horatio Alger Scholarships  Multiple scholarships available, see website for details 
Janice T. Berry Nursing  For student wishing to pursue career in nursing 
Multiple Sclerosis Society Scholarship 
CG Trader 
Varsity Tutors Monthly Scholarship  Scholarships given monthly. See website for details 
Members First Credit Union Scholarships  See website- multiple scholarships available 
EDvestinU National Monthly Scholarship 
NECBAC Scholarship  See website for details. In addition to NECBAC Scholarship there are other scholarships listed on this website 
Concord Hospital Trust Scholarship 
Scholarship for Military Children  For dependents of active duty or retired military members 
Unsullyd Scholarship 
Sixt Scholarship 
Frame My Future Scholarship 
Abbott and Fenner Scholarship Program 
Chegg Monthly Scholarships 
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