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St. Anselm Access Academy

posted Sep 21, 2015, 8:07 AM by William Cannon

Meelia Center for Community Engagement’s

Access Academy

Access Academy is an educational     initiative with six after-school programs on Mondays and Tuesdays from 3:30-5:30PM on the Saint Anselm College campus.  


Bus transportation is provided to Saint Anselm College from Manchester School of Technology, Memorial High School, Central High School, and West High School. Transportation is also provided back to the schools students were picked up from.

Program content is designed so that students who fully       

participate and complete the requirements may receive Extended Learning Opportunity (ELO) credit.

Some programs are a semester long while others involve a year commitment.

2015-2016 PROGRAMS:

Alumni Hall, Saint Anselm College

OUR MISSION: To provide a campus-based educational program for immigrant, refugee, and underrepresented high school students in Manchester, NH. Access Academy is designed to help students gain skills for high school success and information and support for college access.           

Humanities After-School: Perform college level research and presentations on great human contributions, including from cultures represented by immigrant and refugee communities. (Mon.)

College Admissions: Explore careers and complete steps for admission to four-year schools (fall semester) and two year colleges (spring semester)  (Mon.)

Computer Literacy & Construction: Learn about basic coding and programing during the Fall Semester and build personal computers with help from IT and CS professionals during the Spring Semester. (Mon.)            

Career and College Exploration: Explore career options and links to college majors. Prepare for college admission process and conduct college visits. (Tues.)

Public Achievement: Engage in hands-on civic engagement in the community while learning about democracy, citizenship and public work. (Mon.)

Environmental Studies: Learn about biodiversity, environmental and ecological concepts, mapping and navigation. (Tues.)

Access Academy Goals:

  • Build skills for high school success.

  • Increase cultural acceptance and awareness     

  within the schools and the community

  • Provide exposure to college mentors,

  Campuses and college life.

  • Create opportunities to earn high school credits   

  through quality educational programs.

  • Work closely with high school teachers and guidance
    staff   to operate programs that support the efforts  

  of the high schools.

  • Challenge students to take an active role in   

their educational success and future.

  • Have fun!


 Interested students see your guidance counselor