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Mr. Chreiten awarded Bean Foundation Grant

posted May 3, 2018, 10:18 AM by Central Webmaster

Congratulations to Mr. Chreiten on being awarded a Bean Foundation Grant!

The grant will support materials for the engineering classes to explore the electronics and coding of autonomous driving vehicles. The materials will add color sensors, dual-axis accelerometers, and line following kits to our existing robotics kits. The objective of this project is to allow students to explore autonomous driving vehicles including both the electronics and the programming. On the electronics side, students will learn how sensors can gather information (inputs) and then use that information to control a robot (outputs). On the programming side, students will learn how to write algorithms that use the data from the sensors to modify the behavior of the robot.

The grant includes line following sensors, with which students will explore how light reflects off of various surfaces and write a program that uses data from the sensors to autonomously drive a robot. The grant also includes color sensors that will allow students to explore the use of road signs and other markings on the road so that the robot can autonomously react to its surroundings. Lastly, the grant includes 9-axis accelerometers that will give students access to positional data so that they can use physics and geometry to preprogram a robot to complete a mission.